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Shorepower Scheveningen

Involtum oversees the operation of the shorepower for the seagoing vessels in Scheveningen on behalf of the council of The Hague. Both the Rijkswaterstaat and the fisheries make use of the facilities implemented by the municipality and utilized by Involtum. The seagoing ships in Scheveningen make use of 100% Dutch Wind. All installations can be operated with the Shorepower app from Involtum.

"The benefits are noted by the staff of the ships and residents in the area. After all, far fewer diesel fumes are caused."

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E-Harbor Amsterdam

E-Harbor is a port in Amsterdam that is fully equipped for electric sailing, making it Europe's first-ever port with zero emmission! Involtum takes care of the invoicing of the 65 boats. The harbor has facilities to quick charge boats. Additionally, there is the possibility to tap water through the Involtum system. Involtum also controls access to the port. All site owners have an account with Involtum Aanuit.net which allows them to switch the power on and pay at the touch of a finger.

"It's great to show the ease of electric boating. It's not complicated if you're using [a good] the right service provider."

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Campervan parking the Netherlands

Involtum takes care of the payments for Camperplaats Nederland. On a number of campervan sites, guests can use the AanUit payment machine or the AanUit.net app to activate and pay for electricity and overnight fees. The site gate can be opened via the same AanUit.net app. The Involtum portal provides the site administrator with the one-stop solution for managing this site information online. All this is provided by Involtum.

"It is great that Involtum employees can manage all the processes remotely. When the customers call saying that the power does not work, I can see exactly what is happening. As an administrator, this is ideal!"

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Autostrada del Brennero

Involtum's NomadPower enables the activation of, and payment for power facilities for refrigerated trucks. Autostrada del Brennero has reduced local emissions of particulate matter from truck refrigerators by the construction of sustainable power facilities. Involtum takes care of the full operation under its label NomadPower, which now services over 500 drivers and transporters throughout Europe.