‘Het werkt gewoon als een malle’

"It just works great"

Chris Dammers has been a butcher for over 25 years and has been working as an organic butcher at the market for four years now. He produces most of his sausages in his own factory in Zutphen and trades them on three different markets in The Netherlands: on Thursday he is in Scheveningen, on Friday in Den Bosch and on Saturday he can be found at the organic Noorder-market in Amsterdam.

Organic is a good compromise

Chris: "I notice that people increasingly consciously opt for a good piece of meat from an honest origin. The biggest reason is the animal and its welfare. Many people want to avoid low quality products and prefer to consume less but better quality meat. Unfortunately, I can no longer influence the group of people that decided to become a vegetarian, but I am getting busier, so the number of people opting for organic is growing. Organic meat is just a good compromise: you know the origin is good and the animals are treated well. The disadvantage is that you have to pay a little bit more for it. That is easier for one person than for the other. "

Really handy

On the market, power has traditionally been supplied by an external supplier from an existing power box. Chris: "The disadvantage is that you pay one fixed rate. Not entirely fair, because one market stall uses more power than the other and your own consumption varies from week to week. That is why I was very happy when the Event Power solution was offered in Scheveningen. You simply switch on the connection point yourself using the app and switch off again at the end of the market day. At that moment the meter reader stops automatically. You see exactly what you need to pay on the monthly invoice. Is amount is lower than the before and obviously I am very happy about that. Another person may have to pay a bit more but only because real power consumption has been higher. Anyway, your power usage becomes very clear and that is a good thing; you know exactly where you stand. Log in, switch on, log out, all very straightforward. It works just great! "

Awaiting more connection points

All in all, Chris is very satisfied with Marktstroom: "In Den Bosch and Amsterdam they still work with underground wells. That also works, but Marktstroom works a lot better. "A nice appeal to market operators and local authorities.”

Would you like to know more?

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