Webinar ‘The Rise of e-Mobility: Smart Energy Management’

Webinar ‘The Rise of e-Mobility: Smart Energy Management’

Recently Maarten Hektor joined a webinar on the Industrial Internet of Things in supply chain. Maarten spoke with John Chambers, KORE, and Daan Bos, Stedin, about the rise of e-mobility in general and smart energy management and the effect of IoT on the energy industry in particular.


KORE is a pioneer and market leader delivering transformative business performance from IoT solutions. Their eSIM card is a SIM card which makes it possible to switch remotely between network providers or different mobile technologies, such as 2G, 3G or 4G. That’s also why Involtum switched to KORE’s eSIMs early this year. The webinar on smart energy management is part of the inspiring KORE resource library and was led one of KORE’s vice presidents, John Chambers.

Vision and predictions

During the webinar, Maarten and Daan shared their views on developments in the energy and utilities industry in recent years from their own expertise and what their predictions are for energy management in the future. Of course, they also discussed the impact of IoT on the industry.


Maarten also shares how Involtum developed the appWash Miele for Miele Professional and how the team brought Miele’s analogue washing and drying machines online and the challenges they faced. Finally, he may give one more practical advice to people who also want to start an IoT project: ‘Connectivity is a whole new ballgame, the energy grid is getting smarter, with more and more sensors. You may get promising results in a pilot phase. You can undoubtedly work with it for a few years. But to roll it out on a professional basis like we do with our platform is really something else. You have to take into account so many things as security, privacy, stability, redundancy, uptime, never underestimate those aspects.’


Interested in IoT, e-mobility and smart energy management? Listen to the webinar here. Want to know what the smart services of Involtum can mean for your organization? Feel free to contact us for more information.