Champagne bij Involtum

Time for champagne at Involtum

The world is facing major challenges. But we need to keep celebrating successes and at Involtum we have several reasons to be cheerful. Whether it is the number of transactions, number of users or locations, our numbers are hitting the roof. At the same time, we celebrate our 5 years anniversary.

Over one million transactions

We are now processing over 50,000 transactions per month. In total we have settled more than 1,013,703 transactions and we are growing every month. From a small market vendor using power at a market square in The Hague to students doing their laundry in Croatia. All these online transactions require a reliable, secure, and scalable back-end transaction platform.

Champagne bij Involtum

More than seventy-five thousand users

Something we are proud of. To be very precise 76,045 people who are enjoying our Involtum mobile apps, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The transition to wireless payment has once again gained even more momentum over the past year. A fully cashless society? We are ready for it.

More than five hundred locations in Europe

We are now active at 503 locations in Europe with 5,613 activation points. From EV charging stations to power at campsites, marinas and market squares and truck stops to washing machines and Walstroom for the shipping industry. Different brand and labels but all operated from one Involtum platform. Offering different languages, different currencies, and all kind of different features per label. The architecture of our platform ensures that we can handle all these features and communicate in real-time with all our users.

Our 5-year anniversary

Five years ago, we started in a small town with a few employees. We now have grown to twelve employees with offices in the center of Rotterdam. The beating heart of Involtum. Together with our investors, we continue to build the smallest multinational in Europe.

Sustainability is the future

Together we are building a sustainable future. Energy transition and sharing economy are at the heart of our solutions. Curious about the smart services of Involtum? Please contact for more information.