Electric boating is here to stay.

Electric boating is here to stay.

We probably all know that electric boating is the sustainable way forward. The municipality of Amsterdam certainly knows it; Amsterdam strives for sustainable use of the water and has made emission-free sailing compulsory for commercial boats that entered service from 2006 onwards. A good initiative, but it also presents challenges; a shortage of berths, the need for powerful charging facilities and a port that is designed for sustainable sailing, or electric sailing. That is why Jaap Schippers has taken on these challenges with his new development “E-Harbour“.

He once owned a shipping company and as a true entrepreneur he loves to develop new services. This makes him very enthusiastic. This is how E-Harbour was born. A port that is fully equipped for electric sailing. Why? “This new way of sailing is better for the environment, quiet and cheaper. At the same time, we solve the problem of shortage of berths. A shortage of good charging points for passenger vessels is also a thing of the past. From June, you can go to our E-Harbour in the new Amstelkwartier district in Amsterdam.”

A berth at the very first emission-free port

“We have room for 65 boats that will soon be able to charge easily and quickly. In addition, we offer electricity, water and the possibility to moor boats. It goes without saying that the port is secure, accessible with a code and we offer waste facilities. After 5 years of hard work, the idea has now become a reality and we are the first completely emission-free port in the Netherlands and Europe! It’s cool to show the comfort of electric boating. It is not complicated at all, as long as you have good charging points.”

Doing business with ease and comfort

“Hopefully it will soon be easier to run a e-boat company for passenger vessels or enjoy electric sailing as a private individual. I think the convenience is important to show. In this new port, all berth owners will have an account with AanUit.net. This allows them to switch power on/off and pay at the touch of a button. You are also in an ideal location. With the Amstel river within 400 meters you can easily reach Amsterdam, but also Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. That offers opportunities to expand your cruise services as an entrepreneur. ”

E-Harbour sets new standards

“The harbour in the Amstelkwartier is a big step in the transition to electric sailing. The next step is to make pleasure boating and sailing environmentally friendly in several municipalities and countries offering an E-Harbour. ”


Interested in a berth at this very first E-Harbour in Amsterdam? Or are you interested in an E-Harbour in your own city? Everything is possible. For more information contact Involtum on +31 85 2012781 or info@involtum.com.