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Our philosophy

Involtum has an IoT switching and transaction platform with integrated invoicing and payment street. Involtum's platform and services enable our customers to market innovative 'sharing' services. Involtum helps its customers with the development and improvement of the services and aims to develop labels or communities that can be used by multiple customers. In this way, Involtum enables parties to make a limited number of utensils or facilities available for a sharing service, without having to develop a platform themselves.


 Involtum relieves providers of power supplies in marinas, in (sea) ports, on camping sites, in parking spaces (electric transport), at events (festivals, markets, fairs). Everywhere you want to pay for temporary use of electricity.



More and more people need smart activation and payment services. Involtum meets this need by offering innovative power concepts, insight into measurement data and flexible payment methods. For our partners, we offer customer-specific operator portals, smartphone apps and data services to provide real-time insight. Remote operation is possible and customised billing is the norm. Literally everything that is involved in the operation of shared-use facilities.

How does it work?

Involtum makes it possible to better exploit public utilities. Thanks to Involtum, the provider itself is much less involved with it. With customer-specific energy portals, smartphone apps and flexible payment methods, we literally take care of everything that comes with offering energy. For both the business and the private market. Under us, or under your own label. Our mobile power concepts enable customers to:
  • to activate electricity and other utilities using their smartphone;
  • gain real-time insight into their consumption;
  • to receive customised bills;
  • enjoy easy and quick payment possibilities.

And more..

Involtum also provides related services such as settlement of stay, usage of water, washing machines and showers can also be added to our services. In fact, Involtum can provide all necessary services needed to be switched, settled and serviced.


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