Why Involtum?

Easily switch on and off utilities such as water and electricity anywhere you want to, see what you use and only pay for what you consume. That is how Involtum sees the future.

More and more people need smart energy services. Involtum meets this need by providing innovative power concepts, understand measurement data and flexible payment methods. Examples of these current concepts services are Aanuit.net, Nomad Power and Event Power.

For our partners, we offer customer-specific energy portals, smartphone apps and data services to provide real-time insight. Remote operation is possible and customised billing is the norm. Literally everything that is involved in the supply of energy.

With mobile electricity concepts Involtum supports its customers in making electricity available in an easy way at any time, with insight into measurement data and settlement of the current used.

Through its knowledge and expertise Involtum ensures a quality services at reduced costs. Involtum contributes as well to a more sustainable environment and simplification of administrative processes payments around energy.