Involtum for you

We are happy to assist you in providing mobile and / or temporary power concepts. Setting up entirely new facilities or improving existing facilities.

We offer self-services for your users, measuring their consumption, providing customized billing and collecting fees. Exactly as you would like it to be.

How does it work?

Involtum provide electricity and other utilities to your clients on the go.

We can supply temporary electricity to areas such as marinas, campsites, car parks, events (festivals, fairs, amusements), so that the end user can have direct and quick access at any time.

With customer specific energy portals, smartphone apps and flexible payment methods we take care of literally everything that is involved in the supply of energy.

We offer business as well as private market solutions that can be marketed under your own label or ours.

Our electricity supply concepts enable your customers:

and more..

Involtum also provides related services such as settlement of stay, usage of water, washing machines and showers can also be added to our services. In fact Involtum can provide all necessary services needed to be switched, settled and serviced.