From Charging Stations to Smart Washing Machines

From Charging Stations to Smart Washing Machines

Involtum’s transaction platform means you can activate facilities as well as pay for shared-use facilities. From a smart charging station to accessing a water supply, or from shorepower to operating a bridge: if it can be switched on or off, Involtum has the smart solution for your business. Take, for example, the new self service laundrettes of appWash Miele.

Say no to coins and cards

Yoreon is in operation for the activation of and payment for utilities in harbours. When we were asked whether it would be possible to operate the washing machines in the public area with our app, we said yes. Since selling washing machines is not our business, we partnered up with Miele: that’s how appWash Miele was developed.

We offer a digital solution for laundry washing and drying facilities in apartment blocks, student residences, campsites or any other shared use space. Until recently, many of these self-service laundries have been coin or card operated: appWash Miele makes this history. Download appWash, sign up, top up the prepaid balance with PayPal, credit card or other cashless payment methods; select a machine and a program, load the laundry and wash. It’s that simple.

Miele Operations & Payment Solutions go digital

For a traditional appliance manufacturer, the challenge is to be agile and move quickly into the digital marketplace. With this in mind, Miele Operations & Payment Solutions was founded. It is now lead Frederik Wiedei and Martin Hünten, formerly employed in Miele’s digital innovation lab.

Frederik explains:

‘appWash Miele allows us to deliver a digital service that develops and sells state-of-the-art technology for laundry facilities all over the world. We created this as a separate start-up. Martin and I are focussing on the self-service washing market and the roll-out of appWash Miele across Europe, offering innovation and quality from a single source.’

Involtum – Miele Partnership

Miele Operations & Payment Solutions partnered up with Involtum in the development of appWash Miele.


‘What Miele brings to this partnership is its large customer base, the Miele hardware and the sales network. Martin and I oversee the business development, marketing and legalities for the roll-out of appWash Miele. Involtum, experts in pay-per-use software, built the platform to handle payments from a technical and a process point of view. They developed the whole digital front end: the app for the users and the portal for the operators. They take care of the whole billing process for the operator and connect appWash to different payment methods and providers. They not only help us with their smart platform and expertise: they are fantastic people to work with: pragmatic, fast and fun. We share the same strategic views and goals for the business. It an ideal partnership.’

The digitally clean future with appWash Miele

‘So far, we brought the app online, as well as the portal for operators. We have already rolled out appWash Miele in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria’, says Frederik. ‘Now we have started to train the Miele sales and technical teams country country, so they can sell and roll-out appWash Miele throughout the rest of Europe the end of 2020.’

Want to know more?

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